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I am proficient in using Photoshop and Corel Draw as my main tools for graphic design. 

Each of my design is specially made based on the purpose. Mostly I created logos and posters for digital marketing.

Through years of experiments, I can decide which poster can communicate better in digital marketing.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (FILEminimizer).jpg


Having years of experience in blog and website design since I was in junior high school, I created website for PT Rahayu Trade & Contractor, Maxell Projector Indonesia, Brite Indonesia, DPE Lab, Untuk Papua, Dusun Malangrejo, Dusun Jetis, etc.

Other than design, I also do digital marketing and content making for all online platforms from website to social media.


As an architect, I am able to draw in 3D using several software and do rendering with Vray, Lumion, and Photoshop.

Both Exterior and Interior.



Most of pictures are first year architecture studio design. Using some techniques such as pencils, ink, watercolors even mixed.

I do sketch in every studio for programming and schematic design.

Sketch 14 Bank Indonesia.jpg
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