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Sneak Peak at Master Cards Theaters Marina Bay Sands Singapore

A very late post actually, but I wanna share my experience of watching a concert at Master Cards Theater, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

As we know, Singapore is the best entertainment destination in South East Asia. Having a landmark building like MBS, Singapore offers a very faboulous experience of glamour and amazing concert. I went there not for Asia's Got Talent, but A-Nation Concert in October last year.

A-Nation was held by AVEX Entertainment, one of biggest entertainment company in Japan. They brought some big names to Singapore, such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Aaron Yan, Generations from Exile Tribe, Sonar Pocket, and WAGAKKI BAND! Yes, I went there for Wagakki Band! It was their first concert outside Japan, as well as A-nation which was also first time held outside Japan.

Well, OOT ... back to the theather. That was my first time watching a concert at Master Cards Theaters. First, look at the lobby...

Some booths like Rakuten and AVEX were opened to sell their product.

Well, I've got my seat number the staff showed me which gate I should enter...

Anyway, the toilet also very clean and nice...

This below is inside the theather. Look how they designed in interior so it could be work well for accoustics as well. And... I was so excited seeing some instruments prepared on stage, it were 'KOTO', 'WADAIKO', and 'DRUMS' !!! also there were bass guitar, electric guitar, and Shamisen! Those must be WAGAKKI BAND's!!!

Overall, I enjoyed the whole concert, especially Wagakki Band's stage (even they also play 4 songs + MC and it felt so fast). As the last performer, Ayumi Hamasaki closed the concert amazingly, but I need to go for some reasons. I went out through lobby and got surprise! because Wagakki Band's members were walking in the lobby wearing their casual cloths!

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